Beautiful Siena and amazing Pompeii

This video is just a glimpse of what my experience travelling to Siena and Pompeii was like.

A couple of months ago, while thinking which one was going to be my next destination, I had a flashback of me as a kid, lets say 8 years old, reading a history book from an enciclopedia called “El mundo de los Ninos” – The world of the children, and I remember I was just amazed by this town found underneath volcanic rock. Figures of people and animals remaining after so many years. And I know, I remember, I wished I could go to this place and see it with my own eyes. Well, a lot of time has passed and now, 25 years later, I finally did it. Finally got to plan a trip around this dream of mine and I got to see it, I saw Pompeii for the first time and it was just mind blowing.

But first thing first!

After a very long 30 something hours we got to Fiumicino Airport in Rome. Rented a car, opened the map, pointed somewhere and Siena was right under my fingertip. I knew we were heading for an adventure, unfortunately, since its winter it got really dark, really early, but after driving for 2 hours and a half we made it and it was totally worth it.

Siena is small but beautiful town in Tuscany. The moment you cross this huge arch, this “door of the city” you are already in a different era. Everything is small, steep, curved, gothic, medieval… The air smells of old wood and every building takes you back in time.

As I said lines above, it wasn’t our lucky day because we ran out of light but we did see some cool places worth your visit.

The Siena Cathedral (Duomo) and Piazza del Campo

The Cathedral was built in the 12th century and many artist have left their print in here like Donatello and Lorenzo Ghiberti but to name a few and Piazza del Campo is the shell-shaped town square and before it gets dark its all packed of small business creating a wonderful market with the amazing view of the Torre del Mangia.

Up to here we are only half way there, the adventure continued for one more day when we head to Pompeii. I recommend, a 100% you rent a car. Rent it, get lost, you will enjoy it.


Photos speak for themselves. Its a town that had a population between 10,000 and 15,000 and before Mount Vesuvius, the responsable of the disaster, decided to wake up after a series of earthquakes, people were already leaving but thinking about going back… They had NO IDEA Vesuvius was a volcano, but a lot of people decided to stay and those where the ones that tell the story today.

As every ruin in the world, Pompeii is stuck in time and while you walk though those ancient streets you can almost see what life was back in that day, it is breathtaking.


I honestly enjoyed every single minute of it, my recommendation, again, is to rent a car and avoid depending on the train and setup tours, you can find a guide outside every place you want to go, and renting its really cheap. You are free to choose the company that suits you best, I used and they took me to Maggiore Car rental. The cost was £60 for 2 days, including full insurance, you decide 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts!

Siena and Pompeii, Ill see you soon! xx