10 pubs for the best pub crawl route in Covent Garden

London is a city that has everything to offer, excellent places to eat and drink, bars, pubs, theatres, parks, you name it – London has it, and one of the things that I love to do every now and then is the popular “pub crawl”.

There is no right wat to do this, you can just start walking and get lost in the city and stop every time you want to, but if or when you’re new to this city you might have problems finding the right place to go or the right direction, so here I’m presenting you a route with 10 pubs that I bet you will enjoy. Start early though (3pm -4pm) so you can grab something to eat at the end and keep the night going with some dancing or pubbing still.

This route goes from one tube station to another in case you need to catch the train and the best part… it is right in Covent Garden where, as we Peruvians like to say, the right move is.


As you can see in the map, it all starts in Holborn Station, a tube with 2 different lines, the Picadilly and the Central line. The moment you get out of the station check that you are in Kingsway Street, this is where it all begins. Start walking and follow the route heading to the Ship Tavern. Have half a pint of whatever you want to drink, cider, beer or a Guinness. I would recommend to have just half of pint since you’re doing this for 9 more pubs and we don’t want to get mashed! Remember your finishing line is Covent Garden and when this is over you’ll find tonnes of places to go dancing, live music or keep drinking.


Follow the route until the end. These are just 10 pubs that I like and enjoy and make of this a fast route but you will probably see other pubs on the way so feel free to pop up if you fancy and make your own route!

Once you’re pub crawl has finished and if you are up for some Chinese food I would recommend the Baozi Inn restaurant. It’s a 5 minute walk to China Town and it’s on Newport Street. From there you can always go home or… head to O’Neill’s pub in Great Marlborough Street, you’ll have a 10 min walk to digest and keep partying!

O’Neill’s is a pub with 3 stories and Friday, Saturday and Sunday live music. Bands that play great 80s, 90s and 00s covers with a really fun atmosphere and you don’t have to dress up so it definitely suits a pub crawler!


Give this a shot and you won’t regret it. It’s a fun way to see London and it’s a fun way to wander!

See you soon! xxx